Leading technical directors and specialist designers in design, cutting, perming, colouring, hair extensions, weaves, braids, and toys. Men's and women's wigs & hairpieces - human or synthetic available. Technical classes and consultations available.

Multicultural styling for any background - european, afro, asian and various ethnic groups. No matter what mix you are, or religion, we have no predujice and have worked with all and everyone with the same love and caring. For hair is hair no matter who it's on.

We are metaphysical hairdressers. elizabeth King invented metaphysical hairdressing many decades ago. She has been in the industry now for 38 years, started around 1972. Has always been a healer and a hairdresser travelling the south Pacific, teaching very different methods of how to interpret hair and how to do it. As a technical director, has invented many ways of fixing other people's mistakes, known as a "Correctional Specialist." Very much a intuitive, she can feel, see, and tell you what you are doing wrong with your hair and educate you on how to go about doing it right.

    •    Robbie King         And Elizabeth King

    • Also do amazing INTUITIVE HEALINGS, COUNSELING AND GUIDENCE, whether it be for mental, physical, spiritual or etheric.
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Elizabeth and Robbie King Not our choice of clothes, the photographer was having his own bit of fun with his vision of how he wanted us to look : ) "Interesting how different people see you as ???"

    • 83 Bronte Rd,
      Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022
      Ph: 02 9387 5535